Secondary School Website Design

Website Design For Wardle Academy, Rochdale


Wardle Academy wanted a website design that reflected their ‘one step ahead’ philosophy and we succeeded by delivering a clean, clear, immersive experience built using the latest web technologies. A secondary school site needs to communicate a broad range of information types and cater for a range of different visitor groups. We focused on clean design, clear navigation and hand crafted content that could be managed very easily, to deliver a site that becomes a living prospectus showcase as well as a primary information source for the school community. Full screen layouts designed for low scroll and fast browsing, making use of animated elements give a great experience. A flat content structure is very easy to manage and navigate. We put effort into individual page design to suit the content so that feel and information can be communicated very effectively. Examples include noticeboard overlays, bus timetables, staff profiles, school facility showcases and vacancy profiles, amongst many others. We created an interactive map of the school as the curriculum hub for browsing curriculum and subject information. A TV channel and even a Wardle Sounds resource was created, in recognition of the school’s performing arts prowess. News and events functionality is extensive, featuring events map view and filtering. The website has a fully integrated resource library for online learning, reference documents and careers advice, along with a fully detailed Vacancies facility. Feedback has been extremely positive and we’re very proud of the result.
Secondary School Website Design for Wardle Academy