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The Education Programme


The Education Programme delivers advanced skills workshops to primary school children. The site’s primary objective is to educate teachers, pupils and potential Franchisee’s of what the business offers. The Education Programme were a pleasure to work with on this project, interacting enthusiastically throughout. The customer response to the site following launch was very positive. The design aims for a clean, professional look that lets the childish shine through. The colour scheme was built around existing logo colours with some ‘blackboard’ greens added. Several graphics were created to help portray the business function and brand and a ‘Bug Truck’ character range of graphics were created to help engage the children, by association with each different workshop. A detailed infographic showing Franchise region availability was created using Ordnance Survey and DoE data, allow visitors to visualise and compare the different regions. The blog became the designated ‘pupil zone’ and took on it’s very own fun theme!
Website desktop example epl
Website design home page screenshot
Website design page screenshot with bespoke form
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Website Graphic - 'The Philosphy Tree' which symbolises the bug trucks driving to each of the different workshops in the EPL tree
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Website Graphic epl-14
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Website design contact us page screenshot
Website design blog screenshot with sidebar calendar, poll and contact forms
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Website Graphic epl-01
Website design static page screenshot
Website design column page with tabbed panels and sidebar
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Website design information page with tab panels and sidebar buttons
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Website design form overlay screenshot on blog
Website design contact form overlay screenshot
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Website design home page screenshot

Website page design example/ Home page: Three columns are used to focus and direct the three primary visitor groups; teachers, pupils and business developers. These buttons allow easy navigation and a sub menu, available on hover, gives quick access to the most relevant teacher content. Concise mission text follows along with social buttons and a standard footer containing contact details and full navigation.

Website design page screenshot with bespoke form

Web page design example/ Static page with contact form: A bespoke form was created to allow visitors to plan their day of workshops. The form includes pop-up calendars and drop down selection menus. The sidebar contains social buttons and a search dialog, along with ‘The Philosophy Tree’ graphic that aims to represent the business function.

Website design screenshot of regional map graphic with tooltips and legend

Web page design example/ Franchise map: This infographic was created to allow visitors to visualise the various franchise regions available across the country. Regions are categorised as Gold, Silver and Bronze based on the number of primary schools in each region. A hover tooltip gives the name of the region and number of schools within. The legend also doubles as a cumulative bar chart, showing the range and average number of schools in each of the three Franchise bands.

Website design contact us page screenshot

Web page design example/ Contact Us: The contact page used large bold buttons linked to all of the different contact types available through the site. The buttons open overlay forms are used for easy general queries and feedback forms. These are offered alongside the more traditional contact methods to suit all visitor preferences.