Ashes Test Match Scorecard Graphic – Second Test


Ashes Test Match Scorecard Visualisation - Second Test In Five Match Series, Dec 5 2013, Adelaide, Australia

As promised, here’s a visualisation of the second ashes test match scorecard – the second in the series, to accompany the first test scorecard I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Apologies for the slight delay in putting this one together, but after England’s lacklustre response to the first test demolition I wasn’t exactly brimming with excitement!

Australia cruised to a 2-0 lead in the series, with England fans now trying to remain optimistic.

After a monster opening innings by the Aussies, England could only respond with something ominously similar to their disappointing 1st test 1st Innings (see comparison below) – again loosing 3 quick wickets for no run, in the mid-order. Bell gave glimmers of hope, top scoring with 72* from 108, but unfortunately no-one could stay with him.

While Bell couldn’t match this effort in the 2nd, England at least finished with their best total of the series so far – clearly just taking a while to acclimatise!

Comparison between 1st and 2nd Tests

The overall scorecard looks very similar to the 1st, as shown by the comparison below – 1st test on the left, 2nd test scorecard on the right.

Comparison of the 1st and 2nd test match scorecards, in the Ashes Test Match Series, Dec 2013, Australia

It’s all seemed a bit too easy for the Aussies thus far but, despite the date, I’ve got a good feeling about the 3rd test, kicking off this Friday, the 13th, in Perth.

You can find a bit more background on the graphic and my intentions for it, along with the first scorecard visualisation, in my previous post and if you’ve got any comments I’d love to hear them. Let’s hope there’s a bit more to shout about in the 3rd test!