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Ashes Test Match Scorecard Visualisation – First Test


Ashes Test Match Scorecard Visualisation - First Test In Five Match Series, Nov 2013, Brisbane, Australia


The first version of a graphic designed to visualise a typical cricket match scorecard – in this case, last week’s first Ashes test match scorecard.

I do enjoy a good read of the typical cricket match scorecard, but often think there must be a better way to digest the information than the typical tables of numbers. I find reading tables of numbers with any accuracy pretty difficult. In a typical cricket scorecard, ducks, 100s, 5-wicket innings standout, but there’s a much more complete match picture hidden in there, it’s just pretty difficult to assimilate from the numbers.

So here’s a first stab at visualising the typical cricket scorecard data.

Done here as a static image, but it was designed with a view to it ideally becoming a web element based graphic. That way it can also become interactive and will also be much better scalable across the range of screens and devices. With that in mind, and general for clarity, I wanted to keep the different elements simple. The tall-thin layout will hopefully suit scrolling pages, and would also work well if the graphic were to become live, for example. Obviously, a test match is as ‘long’ as it gets, and if used for other overs cricket match formats, it’s likely overs column heights would be reduced and the graphic’s aspect ratio would become more screen-like. Wasn’t sure whether flipping the graphic on it’s head may work better – scrolling down the page to progress the match. Unfortunately, in my experience graphs with values increasing downwards never seem to go down too well! So, I’ve left it how it was for now.

I’m reasonably happy with the result as a first attempt and the visualisation certainly makes Australia’s domination of the match more apparent!

I’m going to try to produce similar graphics for each test match in the series, to complete the set. There are a few things I’d like to add / tweak and a five match set should provide a decent sample for further development.

In the meantime let’s hope England can pull their socks up in time for December 5 and get well soon Jonathan Trott.