Website Design

Wedding Wonder Wall: The Rilospens


A wedding website in progress. The name of the project is Wedding Wonder Wall. The goal is to enable a fully informative and interactive experience pre, post and even during, that will ultimately enhance everybody’s enjoyment of the event. Clear and accessible key information is a priority. Hopefully this can be offered in an engaging, responsive layout, with social capabilities that will encourage participation. The aim is to make the most of current capabilities applied in the wedding arena, with flexible styling that can be tailored to each individual party. Much more to come on this one, so watch this space.
Example desktop screenshot of the Wedding Wonder Wall
Web Design Wedding Wonder Wall Home Page Screenshot
Wedding Wonder Wall Accommodation list page
Closeup detail of the custom map designed to show accomodation
Clip showing modified house number to be the year in 40 years time
The Grooms tie and flower
The brides flowers
Showing how icons are integral to the design
Clip of the top menu icons
Clip showing example styled form text input box
Example of handwritten text used througout the design for informality
Clip from the top of the accomodation form
Clip from the accomodation contact form
Clip from the accomodation page
Graphic of The Rilospens pointing hand
Clip of the bride and grooms feet from the main image
Wedding Wonder Wall Screenshot of part complete RSVP form
Pop-up contact form on the wedding wonder wall accomodation page
Customised map is available as an overlay via the top menu on every page
Map pop-up graphic marker for the wedding venue
Design of wedding wonder wall home page screenshot

Wedding Wonder Wall Home Page/ Prominent very large picture as landing page to be simple and direct, scrolling to reveal message text below. Minimal fixed menu and footer. The top menu allows easy access to key information through familiar icons.

Custom design for Wedding wonder wall RSVP form

Wedding Wonder Wall Bespoke RSVP form/ Easily accessible through the top menu, the form has been tailored to capture the site’s retro and informal styling themes, while being concise and easy to complete. Handwritten notes give tips on how to complete each field.

Wedding Wonder Wall Accommodation list page

Wedding Wonder Wall Accommodation List Page/ It’s function is to help people find somewhere to stay nearby. The aim was to provide a nice concise, informative overview. Each row is designed to contain all key information for each venue, including contact details, web links, distances and map. A custom map is shown as an overlay if visitors prefer to browse by location. Hovering each row reveals panel containing relevant notes and details of any guests staying. A pop-up form is available to allow guests to inform the party where they are staying or add any other comments.

Customised map is available as an overlay via the top menu on every page

Wedding Wonder Wall Customised Map/ A customised map is available as an overlay via the top menu on every page. The aim was to provide a styled overview of the local area. The venue is highlighted, along with suggested accommodation and local activity markers and tool-tips offering information on each of the surrounding villages.